Kai - Vocals
Pete - Guitar
Sami - Drums

Deathbound formed in 1995 under the name of Twilight. The purpose was to create some fresh and mindblowing metal. A deathmetal base with a heavy dose of grindcore, was their choice of poison. They released two demo’s under this name entitled "Twilight" and "Melancholy of Northern Landscapes". After this, they changed their name to Unbound and released another demo entitled "Flames of Madness". A further name changed saw their name finally stick on Deathbound. Under this name they released one more demo entitled "Elaborate the Torture". Band sign to Woodcut Records and release their debut album in 2003, entitled "To Cure the Sane with Insanity". The band then signed to Dynamic Arts Records witch released their second album in 2005, entitled "Doomsday Comfort" and did some live shows with bands such as Demilich, Cult Of Luna, Dismember etc.

In the year 2007 Deathbound released their third album "We Deserve Much Worse" and went to a Scandinavian / Baltic tour with Napalm Death. After the tour they spent some years in silence, but in 2009 it was time to do some new songs witch resulted to a 7 inch split with Coldworker released by German Power It Up Records. The fourth album "Non Compos Mentis" will be released in 2010 by Dynamic Arts records.

In February 2010 the band will do a European tour with fellow Swedes Demonical & My Own Grave.


After a short break Deathbound blasts back to the front row of Finnish Grindcore more ravenous than ever! Bedtime for Mankind.

Third ravishing Grindcore/Death Metal attack! Red dawn raises in January 2007..

Re-print of Deathbound's debut album "To Cure The Sane With Insanity" coming on spring 2006 with bonus stuff.

New Deathbound album recorded in famous Soundlab Studio (Nasum, Hives, Rotten Sound etc.) with mastermind Mieszko Talarczyk! Über great Grind / Death!

Split vinyl release from the two of the most peevished Deathrash / Grindeath maniacs! Heralds for a reason!