Anywhere But Here
The Descended

Killing Creatures
Being Me

Legion Of Two
The Rats In The Walls
Sleep Of The Just

Serpent Of The Deep
In The Crypt Of Vengeance

Pedon Käsky
The Burning
Hate & Scorn, Crowned With Horns

The Code

Rat In A Maze
Embrace The Gods Of Suffering

As Reluctance Grows
Silent City Deathcount
For The Rats (live)

Goat Sodomy
For Those Who Have Fallen

Hangman's Lullaby
Dead Silent

Graveyard Witchery
Deathrash Legions
Napalm Satan

Lobotomy With A Crucifix
Mankind´s Last Breath
Temptations Of The Flesh

Ghost Among The Dead
For The Rats
Spill The Blood

Through The Scars Of Selfmutilation
Riistäen Sielun Ja Hengen

Deathchain / Morbid Mayhem
Deathbound / Soulburn

Flesh Means Pain
4-D Religion

Night Of The Blasphemy
Saatanan Varjon Synkkyydessä
The Flames Of The Blasphemer

Silver Dreams
Betrayed By Angels
Scars & Wounds

Chaos Wartech
March Of The Thousand Legions
Skeletal Claws

Horns Of Hate
Death Worship

Men Inside The Machine
The Slave Trade

High Mpg 55,6mb

From "The Descended" album
Directed by Oskar Mellander

High Wmv 54,4mb

From "Zero Nexus" album
Directed by Ari Reinikainen

High Mpg 53,2mb

From "Intoxicate O.S." album
Directed by Ari Reinikainen

High Mpg 42,4mb

From "Doomsday Comfort" album
Directed by Juha Niska

High Mpg 40,4mb
Low Wmv 14,5mb

From "Cyberwarmachine" album
Directed by Harri Mielonen